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Salesforce DevTools


Powerful Salesforce developer tools, includes Query Editor, Fields definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and others.

Salesforce DevTools is a powerful Salesforce developer chrome extension for doing the below things :

・Quickly generate Apex code / SOQL, exporting query results to Excel file.
・Quickly access to new record page, list page and object setting page of any object.
・Quickly search object fields and check its usage.
・Display fields API name on Salesforce object detail page.
・Exporting Objects Definition to Excel file.
・Exporting Objects Fields Definition to Excel file.
・Exporting Objects Page Layout Definition to Excel file.
・Exporting Objects List View Definition to Excel file.
・Salesforce data modal (ERDs) generator.
・All Check / Select on profile edit page and field permissions edit page.
・Mass edit, mass delete, mass clone custom fields (Only Classic).

投稿者: kinkun

保有資格 Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder T Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II Salesforce Certified Administrator


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